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Herman van Rompuy
Retired President of the European Council
Born: 1947 Belgium
Children: 4
  • Annual: ZAR 3.958.916,00
  • Monthly: ZAR 329.910,00
  • Weekly: ZAR 79.178,00
  • Daily: ZAR 15.836,00
Europa.eu May 2014: The salary of the President is € 25.554,58 per month (€ 306.655 annually)
Express.co.uk Jan. 29, 2010: "The latest example of the lavish expenditure in Brussels and Strasbourg comes just days after Gordon Brown’s open-armed welcome at Downing Street to the new EU President Herman Van Rompuy, who earns £320,000 a year....an MEP can clock-up an eye-watering £1,816,250 in expenses alone....and they pay income tax of just 15 per cent."
Text: Europa.eu
Update: 2014-11