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South Africa: An individual employment contract may be of a definite or indefinite duration and may be concluded orally or in writing. The BCEA requires employers to provide a written employment contract to the workers at the start of employment. An employment contract must state the following information: * The full name and address of the employer * The name and occupation of the employee, or a brief description of the work for which the worker is employed * The place of work, and, where the worker is required or permitted to work at various places, or an indication of this * The date on which the employment began * The worker's ordinary hours of work and days of work * The worker's wage or the rate and method of calculating wages * The rate of pay for overtime work * Any other cash payments that the worker is entitled to * Any payment in kind that the worker is entitled to and the value of the payment in kind * How frequently remuneration will be paid * Any deductions to be made from the worker's remuneration * The leave to which the worker is entitled * The period of notice required to terminate employment, or if employment is for a specified period, the date when employment is to terminate * A description of any council or sectoral determination which covers the employer's business * Any period of employment with a previous employer that counts towards the worker's period of employment * A list of any other documents that form part of the contract of employment indicating a place that is reasonably accessible to the worker where a copy of each may be obtained. The employer must ensure that all the written particulars are clearly explained to the worker in a manner understandable by the worker. If there is a change in these particulars, the employer is required to revise the written document and supply a copy of the document reflecting the change in the situation to the worker. The employer is obliged to keep the written particulars for a period of three years after the termination of employment. However, these conditions are not applicable to workers employed for less than 24 hours in a month and for employers employing less than five workers. Source: § 28-29 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act 1997 (last amended in 2014)
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