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Health and Safety

Employer Cares

In accordance with article 185 of Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA), every employer is required to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health of his employees. Employer may not permit employees to work unless all precautionary measures to protect health and safety of all employees have been taken. 

Free Protection

OHSA requires employers to provide protective equipment to workers involved in hazardous work. However, it requires employers to take such steps, which will mitigate any potential hazard to the health and safety of employees before resorting to personal protective equipment. (Section 185)


Employers are required to ensure that workers have been provided such information, instructions, training and supervision, which is necessary to protect the health and safety of employees at workplace. (Section 185)

Labour Inspection System

OHSA provides for a vibrant labour inspection system (section 27-35) and is quite in line with the requirements of ILO Convention 081 although South Africa has not ratified the Convention. 

Regulations on Health and Safety

  • Occupational Health & Safety Act, 1993